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Is it possible to make my QR code in a gradient color?

Last updated on February 28, 2022

Yes, it is possible. Just like you change the QR code color on the QR-making page of Hiturl, in the same way, you can make the QR code in gradient color.

Steps to follow to make a QR code in gradient color:

  1. Go to the QR-making page of Hiturl.
  2. Pick any one QR code type.
  3. Fill in the information.
  4. In the colors section, click on "Gradient Color."
  5. Choose the 'Gradient start' and 'Gradient stop' colors.
  6. From the dropdown menu of Gradient Direction, pick one direction.
  7. Preview the QR Code( if you don't like the chosen gradient color, you can change it again and see it by clicking the 'preview' option)
  8. Generate and test the QR code( if you have finalized the gradient color of it)
  9. Download the QR code and start using it.
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